Haven of Hope Retreat

There is something new and exciting happening this year for pastors’ wives and former pastors’ wives who have been through a difficult time, or need a pause to rest. We are having a ministry retreat in South Carolina near Charleston. It will be OCTOBER 12-15, 2023. We would love for you to be part! YouContinue reading “Haven of Hope Retreat”


We are honored to have Jelly Valimont, author and speaker, and leader of our private Facebook group: Silently Bleeding: Hope for the Pastor’s Widow, share this guest post with us today. Being in ministry is difficult, challenging, and at times frustrating. It is even more so when people are involved! Seriously. Someone once told meContinue reading “Boundaries”

The Problem with Assuming

Have you ever assumed something about someone later to find out you were wrong? Me too! I’ve read that statistically, most assumptions are wrong. You might assume that a lady in your church didn’t text you back because she doesn’t like you and later find out she never received your text. Something similar happened toContinue reading “The Problem with Assuming”

Help, I’m a Pastor’s Wife

We all face struggles and difficulties and yet we’re expected to put on a smile. Smiling on the outside while sometimes feeling like we are bleeding on the inside.