Goal Setting 2021

Hello, my friend!

This crazy year is finally drawing to a close. And even though a new one won’t bring change on its own, there is something motivating about a fresh start.

Many people set New Year’s Resolutions each year, but those have a tendency to fizzle and die within a few weeks.

Years ago, I was one of those people. I came up with resolutions because it was the popular thing to do, but rarely did I stick with them.

It may seem an issue of semantics, but while I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions, I do set goals. So what’s the difference?

Goals that are well-crafted are more likely to succeed because they are realistic and measurable. I don’t mean don’t pursue your dreams – reaching for the stars is important too.

Realistic, measurable goals allow us to take the time we need to complete them. Like they say with losing weight, “you didn’t put it on overnight, you won’t lose it overnight.”

It’s important to keep track of progress – all progress. Even the things that seem unimportant or silly. Write these things down or save them in a note on your phone. Not only does this solidify what you’ve already done, but you can also go back to these things for motivation when you’re struggling.

Good goals are not set in stone. They grow with us. Allow for necessary adjustments.

Humans fail sometimes. That’s okay. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going. True failure only comes when you give up. Leaving room for mistakes is not justifying making a poor decision – it’s acknowledging that messing up is not failure. Realizing that you can take a breath, and then start again.

Stay the course. Keep making progress toward your goals – even if you are taking baby steps. Sustainability is key here. Set a pace you can keep up with. You can always speed it up later.

Finally, write your goals down. This is part of them being measurable. Keep them where you can see them – on the fridge, on your mirror, next to your bed, wherever is best for you.

As we step into 2021, what goals are you setting?

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Jan McIntyre loves Jesus, family, bargain shopping, cooking, and photography. Jan was raised in a pastor's home and is married to a pastor. Her heart's desire is to encourage and empower pastor's wives.

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