The Prodigal Returns

Do you have a prodigal child or know of someone that does? It’s so painful when your child walks away from God. Never give up on him or her. They are never too far gone for God to reach.

No matter what your child is doing with their life, love them. Our kids need to know we love them right where they are. Find common interests to talk with them about. By all means, don’t preach to them. They grew up learning about God and they know what you believe. The last thing they want is to hear another sermon. Now, if God tells you specifically something to share, by all means do it.

Be careful not to quench any hint of openness to spiritual things. For example, if your son calls to inform you that he has a doctor’s appointment at 2:00 P.M. tomorrow afternoon, don’t ask him, “Are you telling me this because you want me to pray?” Instead you could respond with, “Okay son, thanks for letting me know.” You and I both know you are going to pray. Your son is very possibly asking for prayer without outright asking.

In my opinion, the best way to reach a prodigal is through loving them and praying for them. In faith, begin to praise God for your prodigal’s return. That is what I am doing.

Feel free to watch this video where my friend Carol shares about her prodigal daughter’s return. You will be encouraged by her story.

Do you have suggestions for parents with prodigal children?

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