Jump Start

Image by Boaz Park from Pixabay

What is it about a new year that suggests the idea of change? There’s something in most of us that stirs a desire to do the thing…lose weight, start an exercise plan, read more, pray more, and the list goes on.

Years ago, I stopped making New Year’s resolutions because they just don’t work for me. But I do use this time of year to reevaluate my life. As I’ve been thinking and praying about 2023, I am making a fresh commitment to the Lord and seeking Him for wisdom and direction in every area of my life.

These last couple of years have been rough on all of us. We’ve faced things we never dreamed of. Many of us have suffered the loss of family members, friends, and congregants to Covid19, along with financial difficulties and more. We’ve all been living with trauma. So if you struggle with guilt for feeling like the wind’s been knocked out of you, you’re not alone my friend. Trauma brain is a real thing and I speak from experience.

If you’re suffering with trauma brain, I encourage you to find a good therapist. Ask the Lord to lead you to the right one that is trauma informed. You may feel there is no way you can afford a therapist. If so, check with your insurance to see if they cover therapy. If not, think about where you may be able to cut back in your budget for a little while so that you can get the help you need.

I trust with this new year, you will be able to move forward into all that God has called you to do, with His confidence. Don’t believe the lies the enemy whispers in your ear my friend. You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s time for a jump start in ministry. I am asking God to help me to see people through His eyes of love, to help me hear what they are really saying, and to be His hands and feet to the lost and hurting.

What are you asking God to do in and through you this year?

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Jan McIntyre loves Jesus, family, bargain shopping, cooking, and photography. Jan was raised in a pastor's home and is married to a pastor. Her heart's desire is to encourage and empower pastor's wives.

2 thoughts on “Jump Start

  1. I am believing God that I will hear HIS voice clearly and be willing to do exactly what HE is asking me to do. Because of that I need more courage to step out in HIS paths of righteous living. May the Lord richly bless you in your endeavors to do the same in what he is calling us all to do.


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